FICE Congresses

FICE usually holds Congresses every two years now. They are the main international events at which it also holds its General Meetings where elections are held for the President and other key international posts. They are usually attended by several hundred delegates from about forty countries. Their programmes include major papers, workshops for smaller groups, visits to services, a chance to meet people and network and opportunities for tourism.

The first Congress was held at Trogen in Switzerland in 1948. In addition to Congresses, FICE-International holds seminars in the countries where Federal Council meetings are held, organised by the National Sections which are acting as hosts. There are also international seminars (such as those run under the auspices of FICE-Europe), expert workshops and working parties on specific subjects.

The following are the Congresses and other main international events, with the most recent first :

Date  Place  Country  Theme  Click Here
2006  Sarajevo    
2004  Glasgow  Scotland  A Place for Children
2002  Berlin  Germany  In the Jungle of the Cities

2000  Maastricht  Netherlands  

1998  Paris  France  

1998  Luxembourg  Luxembourg  
1996 Erfurt Germany    
1994 Milwaukee United States    
1992 Budapest Hungary    
1990 Prague Chechoslovakia    
1988 St Gallen Trogen Switzerland    
1986  Malmö  Sweden    
1985  Luxembourg  Luxembourg    
1984  Luminy / Marseilles  France    
1982  Köszeg  Hungary    
1981  Hadasseh Neurim  Israel Residential education for disadvantaged youth  
1979  Dublin  Ireland    
1978  Graz  Austria    
1977  Vienna  Austria    
1976 Aberdeen Scotland Integrated caring
1975 Amsterdam Netherlands
1974 Banjaluka Yugoslavia
1973 Paris France Training and improving of teachers and educators
1972 Warsaw Poland
1971 Königstein West Germany The child between home, parents and administration
1970 Budapest Hungary Childcare in Hungary
1969 Klemskerke Belgium
1968 Trogen Switzerland
1967 Vienna Austria
1966 Tabarz East Germany
1965 London England The residential environment : theory and practice
1964 Ljubljana Yugoslavia
1963 Malmö Sweden
1962 Prague Czechoslovakia
1961 Tunis Tunisia
1960 Zurich Switzerland
1959 Vienna Austria
1958 Jerusalem Israel
1957 Brighton England
1956 Heppenheim West Germany
1955 Courcelles Belgium
1954 Boulouris sur Mer France
1952 Strasbourg France
1951 Florence Italy
1950 Lyon France
1949 Belgium
1948 Trogen/Heiden Switzerland The education of war-handicapped children

Note : The above data still need to be checked.