Agenda - Minutes

Federal Council Agenda - Berlin

Agenda for the FC-meeting in Berlin on Tuesday 17 September 2002

(Starting time 14.30 a.m.)

1. Announcements

2. Minutes of the meeting of the:
- Executive Committee in Budapest on 23 April 2002
- Federal Council in Budapest on 24-25 April 2002

3. Actual situation projects:
- Educateurs sans frontières
- Peace Camp
- Baltic countries
- Overview of situation concerning childcare/rights
- Children's rights in institutions
- Northern America/Australia (see enclosed report VP in E)
- Experts in the extra familial care and education of children
- Partnerships with other international organisations
- Collect on policies of childcare
- Information about what FICE does (see enclosed report VP in E)
- Collect successful projects
- Ethical code (see enclosed report VP in E)
- European competences in social work

4. New Members Executive Committee / Vice Presidents / General Secretariat /
Project management

5. FICE Europe

6. Sources of finance

7. Website FICE International (see enclosed report VP in E)

8. Other business

8.1 United Kingdom Report

Minutes of the Federal Council in Berlin on 17 September 2002

Evelyn Eichmann - Austria
Helga Stefanov - Austria
Sena Druzic - Bosnia Herzegovina / Yugoslavia
Viara Todorava - Bulgaria
Dashenka Tashkova - Bulgaria
Zdenka Havlasová - Czech Republic
Vlasta Hrdlicková - Czech Republic
James Anglin - Canada
Søren Hegstrup - Denmark
Karen Scott - Denmark
Kathleen Lane - England / Wales
David Lane - England / Wales
Sari Laaksonen - Finland
Martti Kemppainen - Finland
Daniel Collombet - France
Jean-Pierre Trinquier - France
René Bernard - France
Francois-Richard Joubert - France
Daniel Vidaud - France
Nicole Janze - Germany
Malay Dewanji - India
Emmanuel Grupper - Israel
Hashem El Husseini - Lebanon
Inese Jurgena - Latvia
Zoja Chehlova - Latvia
Robert Soisson - Luxembourg
Theo Binnendijk - The Netherlands
Famke Schiff - The Netherlands
Onno van Praag - The Netherlands
Aad Vroon - The Netherlands
Anton Tobé - The Netherlands
Wim Kok - The Netherlands
Jaroslaw Utrat Milecki - Poland
Jadwiga Królikowska - Poland
Simona Farces - Rumania
G. Manlycen - Rumania
Toma Mares - Rumania
Ioan Neacsu - Rumania
Marta Abvarado - Russia
Emilia Chervinskaya - Russia
Andrew Hosie - Scotland
Bojan Dekleva - Slovenia
Špela Razpotnik - Slovenia
Adela Hadžiomerovic - South East Europe
Roland Stübi - Switzerland
Rolf Widmer - Switzerland
Suzanne Widmer - Switzerland
Thomas Mächler - Switzerland
Carol S. Kelly - USA

1. Announcements
Few Members of FICE Germany were present because of the meeting of the Federal Council of IGfH at the same time.

2. Minutes of the Executive Committee in Budapest on 23 April 2002
No comments.

Minutes of the Federal Council in Budapest on 24-25 April 2002
Page 6, Collect successful projects: was changed to 'The aim to collect successful working projects in order to inform each other about a model for organising projects.'
Page 9, Website FICE International, last sentence: was changed in 'No pictures of children will be put on the website without their agreement and that of their parents.'
Page 9, Meetings, last paragraph: Emmanuel Grupper mentioned that before the Budapest Federal Council meeting a decision had been made to go to Denmark for the Federal Council in spring 2003 in order to strengthen collaboration between AIEJI and FICE International. In May 2003 AIEJI would have a meeting in Copenhagen. Holding the meeting in Moscow in April 2003 would thwart this intention. It was decided that some FICE members would go to the AIEJI-meeting. The meeting of the Federal Council in Moscow in Spring 2003 remained unchanged.
(See 8. Other business)

3. Current situation concerning projects
The Vice Presidents, David Lane and Martti Kemppainen, had sent reports of their participation in projects. There were oral reports about other projects:
Educateurs sans Frontières
Jean-Pierre Trinquier had met the Minister of Educational Affairs to talk about the possibilities for this project. The current situation was that it was unlikely that activities in the Middle East could be initiated.
An organisation near Grenoble that had programmes comparable with Educateurs sans Frontières was being reorganised. Therefore it was not clear if FICE could keep in contact.
The meeting Jean-Pierre Trinquier should have had with Robert Soisson had been cancelled. They had made another appointment, and Daniel Vidaud would join that meeting.
There had been contact with the Red Cross about the possibility of co-operation. Contact NGO's for information; NGO's needed to be convinced about the need for professional childcare workers in crises.

A meeting of the PEP had been planned to take place on the 19th of September 2002. It would be about the experiences of people involved in the programme. Kathleen Lane informed members about the results of PEP in England and about another initiative which would offer paid employment. It was thought that this might help people who could not undertake placement without financial support.

Friendship Camps
Sena Druzic gave a description of the third Friendship Camp which had been organised in August this year. All six countries of former Yugoslavia had participated in The Friendship Camp. After the terrible war it had been possible to bring adults and children together. For the first time in ten years staff and children had been in one camp. The approach of the children had seemed to be much easier. Many children had been traumatised and had been happy to find friends in the Friendship Camp. The organisers had tried to find a red line for the future of the children. At the end of the conference the organizers and children had worked out the targets for the next camp together.
Rolf Widmer and Theo Binnendijk had participated in the camp; they had had an emotional experience and had noticed a very positive atmosphere.

Partnerships with other international organisations
Theo Binnendijk had been in contact with Malay Dewanji who wanted to create a platform in Asia.
For FICE International it was important to have more international platforms. FICE supported the start of a platform in India.

Northern America and Australia
- Northern America: James Anglin re-established contact with FICE. He would try to create links between the Board of FICE Canada and Board of the FICE USA.
In August 2003 there would be an international child and youth care conference in Victoria, Canada.
- Australia: This continent consisted of a number of states, each with their own legislation and without any linking between the states. A new coordination body had been set up. This organisation, which was not a rich body yet, had showed interest in FICE. FICE would keep in touch until this organisation was able to become a member.

Experts in the extra familial care and education of children
This project was closely linked to Educateurs sans Frontières. Its aim was to examine whether FICE could play a role in crisis areas by providing expert advice.

Partnerships with other international organisations
Robert Soisson had received if FICE would participate in a European network which had started in Scotland. It would organise a young people's conference to which children from different parts of the world would be invited. Robert Soisson would inform FICE about it.

Collection of policies concerning childcare
Members were reminded to send policies on professional subjects to David Lane in order that they could be considered for adoption by FICE International.

Collection of successful projects
Rolf Widmer was appointed project manager; Wim Kok offered to assist him in collecting information about the projects (such as the circumstances of the project and the reasons why the project was successful). Information of the project would be sent to Wim Kok.

Ethical code
Martti Kemppainen and David Lane were not the programme managers of this project. This item was concerned with the setting of standards which could be applied internationally. The project was not concerned about ethical codes and had been wrongly titled. James Anglin was willing to be the project manager for this project.

European competence in social care.
In 2003 there would be a symposium in Scotland about secure accommodation for children.

4. New Members Executive Committee / Vice Presidents / General Secretariat / Project Management
Daniel Vidaud was proposed as Vice President concerning contacts with UNESCO, European Council and French-speaking Africa. The Federal Council elected Daniel Vidaud.
" Anton Tobé was proposed as Vice President for establishing contacts in Eastern Europe and to develop recruitment policy; he would not be the Secretary General. Anton Tobé was accepted as Vice President.

5. FICE Europe
This agenda item had already been discussed during the meeting of FICE Europe the same day.

6. Sources of finance
Richard Joubert would continue in post as Treasurer until January 2003. Rolf Widmer offered to act as Project Co-ordinator. A working group would look for new creative ways to find resources for projects. The working group would report back in April 2003. Daniel Collombet would participate in this working group. Robert Soisson and Richard Joubert offered to provide information.

7. Website FICE International
The Website should have been ready earlier in the year. There had been problems concerning translation into the three FICE languages. These should now be overcome as Christine Karner was prepared to help. David Lane emphasised the two main functions of the Website: (a) to provide the opportunity to share ideas through 'chat rooms' (which would be kept updated) and as archives of FICE documents.

FICE International had paid FICE England/Wales in accordance with the contract with the organisation that 'managed' the Website. The contract specified the services which would be provided for the fee paid. David Lane was responsible for the production of information, Bill Stevenson for the technical part of the Website.

David Lane mentioned the intention to inform the FICE members about new texts on the Web by e-mail every three months.

The Website showed which links there were with other FICE sections.
Søren Hegstrup would make contact with Gianluca Barbanotti and ask him to delete the website of FICE Italy.

Robert Soisson was not satisfied about the Website. In his opinion the Website was too expensive, had no special elements and had been finished too late. He expected that the Website would be ready very soon.

8. Other business
Kathleen Lane proposed a resolution to be sent to the United Nations about the threat of an attack by USA on Iraq and the consequences of this for children. FICE should definitely take a stand. The members of FICE agreed with the text proposed by Kathleen Lane and thanked her for the initiative.

Federal Council in Moscow: 27-20 April 2003
In order to obtain a visa for the Federal Council meeting, members should provide their:
visiting card
a photocopy of their passport (Members' passport had to be valid for 6 months after April 2003)
to pay a fee of € 15 for visa

9. Closure
This was Kathleen Lane's final meeting as representative for FICE England/Wales. Theo Binnendijk thanked her for all the work she had done.

Richard Joubert had resigned as Treasurer for FICE. In the General Assembly he was elected as an honorary member because of his achievements in working for FICE.
Dashenka Tashkova invited Richard Joubert for a dance………….
Richard Joubert thanked them members for their confidence during the years he had worked for FICE and thanked the interpreters for the work they had done.
Minutes of the Executive Committee in Berlin on 17 September 2002

Theo Binnendijk - President
David Lane - Vice President
Martti Kemppainen - Vice President
Francois-Richard Joubert - Treasurer
Robert Soisson - President FICE Europe
Daniel Vidaud - France
Famke Schiff - Secretariat

Theo Binnendijk welcomed the members of the Executive Committee

FICE Europe
• Robert Soisson was not able to continue his candidature for President of FICE Europe because of his health. He would go on supporting FICE. Onno van Praag had resigned as FICE as Treasurer of FICE Europe.
ANCE France had offered to become involved in FICE Europe: René Bernard as President, Daniel Collombet as Treasurer. Robert Soisson was willing to advise René Bernard during the coming 2 years. Gerd Schemenau was involved in some projects.
• Not all members of the CE had received the agenda for the meeting of FICE Europe on 17 September 2002.

General Assembly
• Announcements
- FICE Hungary had reported that it was unable to participate in Berlin because of lack of money.
- Malay Dewanji had plans to realize a FICE platform in Asia.
- Christine Karner had had an accident in May 2002 and had not been able to come.
- Since the Federal Council in Budapest in April 2002 Scotland had been made an Associate Member. As a consequence it was not correct to use the title FICE UK any longer, and it was preferable to use the title FICE England & Wales. It should be made formal in the General Assembly.

• Elections
- President: Theo Binnendijk
- Treasurer: Rolf Widmer
- Secretary General: no candidates. Anton Tobé was willing to do some tasks of the Secretary General (recruitment policy and membership East Europe). The proposal to the Federal Council was to give Anton Tobé the title of Vice President. The Board of FICE International would go on seeking a Secretary General.
- Secretariat: Famke Schiff

• Revision of the statutes
Changes of statutes: this item was put on the agenda because of the acceptance of South East Europe as an Associate Member. Further consideration of the statutes showed that they did not need to be changed since the statutes offered membership for supranational bodies. Such members had the same voting rights as a country.

• External Audit Committee
Martti Kemppainen introduced a proposal for an External Audit in stead of an Audit Committee. Official control was needed when an organisation possessed an certain amount of money. As long as the income of FICE only came from membership fees external control was not needed. It was necessary to be ready if FICE received external funding and a proposal had to be prepared.
This would be proposed by Martti Kemppainen in the General Assembly.

• Changes were made in the order of the agenda.

Federal Council
• Current situation of projects
David Lane and Martti Kemppainen had sent their reports of the projects they managed.
Because FICE depended on projects, full information was needed in FICE reports. In the Federal Council project managers should be asked for the current situation of the projects.

• Items of the Treasurer
o At the end of 2001 Richard Joubert had sent a cheque to Christine Karner and Helga Stefanov for their work. Christine had not received the cheque, while the money had been withdrawn from the FICE account. The CE decided to pay Christine Karner and Richard Joubert would sort this out with the bank.

o Richard Joubert mentioned that FICE International had not received the amount of money Pestalozzi promised (in accordance with a letter from Markus Mader) to pay for the Secretary. Theo Binnendijk should send a letter to Pestalozzi.

o Membership fee: Australia consisted of a number of states each with its own legislation and without any linking between the states. A new co-ordinating body had been set up. This organisation, which was not a rich body yet, had shown interest in FICE. The membership fee was too high for it yet. FICE would keep in touch until this organisation was able to become a member.
If FICE were to become worldwide, it should organizes FC-meetings on other continents. Otherwise it would remain European.

o Richard Joubert had received a dossier from Senegal. ANCE France was project manager to develop a Platform in the French speaking countries of Africa. France and Senegal had a partnership.

o Richard Joubert had received a letter form Mr. Boutaleb (Morocco). Mr. Boutaleb could not be in Berlin because of financial problems. There was discussion about the different options for Morocco to participate in FICE. It could be involved in a French speaking Africa Platform.

o Richard Joubert had received a letter from a theological institution in Congo in which it asked for:
- information about FICE: ANCE France should send it to Congo
- money for a cellular telephone: FICE declined to support this request.

• Publicity material for FICE International
Richard Joubert proposed two sorts of publicity
o What FICE is and does
o FICE’s current programme
David Lane said he would let members know by e-mail every three months what was put on the Web. News of FICE International should be published in national journals.
Members should receive the minutes soon after the meetings.

Website texts in English were ready; for the translations in German and French more support was needed. Christine Karner was willingly to do this; the CE decided to pay the extra costs of these translations.

• Martti Kemppainen informed the CE about the situation that Emilia Chervinskaya was busy organising the CF in Moscow in April 2003 without involving or informing Mr. Likhanov, while he was a member of FICE. Theo Binnendijk and Martti Kemppainen planned to speak about this with Emilia Chervinskaya during their stay in Berlin.

• David Lane proposed that a working group on membership should be set up. If there was time he would raise the matter in the Federal Council.

• Martti Kemppainen mentioned that the FICE-correspondents were not on the list anymore.