This is the website of FICE-International and focuses mainly on international matters. It contains some information about FICE-Europe and National FICE Members, but to learn more about them you should turn to their own websites.

The website is divided into three parallel language streams, each providing text in one of FICE's official languages. Wherever possible, the same text will be provided in all three languages :

  • The French text is set against a blue background.
  • The German text is set against a yellow background.
  • The English text is set against a pink background.

Some documents have not been translated into all three languages, and because of the cost, it is unlikely that they will be translated. If there is a particular need to have a document translated, please let us know by emailing

At present there is no chatroom to which people have direct access. This is to ensure that the website is not used inappropriately by non-members and so that viruses are not introduced. In the section entitled Talk to Us, which is for correspondence, members may use any language when they write in, but if the language and author are not known to us, checks will be made before material is posted. The web will be checked regularly, and emails will be posted promptly.

Please let us know of inaccuracies, and if you have information which will fill gaps in the archives, it will be welcomed. The email address is