At any one time, FICE has several international projects in hand.

Some of these are bilateral. One FICE National Member may act as host to a party of people who work with children from another country to visit children's services, for example, or they may provide a holiday scheme for children from another country. These activities are arranged through networking at FICE events, and are based upon the friendships and working relationships built up through contacts.

Some of FICE's projects involve members from several countries or require the approval of the Federal Council because they are innovative and are carried out in the name of FICE.

The following projects are in progress at present.

Professional Experience Programme (PEP)

This programme has been devised to enable experienced workers to obtain placements in children's services for a few months in order to learn about the other country. The programme is currently administered by FICE-Europe (, and their website should be consulted for details

To date, the number of people who have undertaken placements is not large, but they have found the experience very rewarding. To obtain an idea of the experiences of people who have been on placements, read the articles they have written.

1. Learning to be in the Minority

2. Work Experience in South Yorkshire

To know about the realistic demands which will be placed upon you in organising a placement, read these articles by a PEP Co-ordinator.

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The Project Manager is Sari Laaksonen.

Friendship Camps

The first of these Camps was called a Peace Camp, because it was established to rebuild links between young people and those working with them after the Balkan wars. The experience of the first one, held in 2000 by Lake Balaton in Hungary, was such that those involved demanded that they should be called Friendship Camps. It was really successful, both for the young people and for the workers, who had a parallel conference.

Another was held in 2001, and the third in August 2002. They are funded largely through FICE-Switzerland, but FICE members from several countries have been involved. For an account of the first event, read a report of the event.

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The Project Manager is Rolf Widmer.

Children's Rights

Seminars have been held in Luxembourg to consider how children's rights are best maintained in extrafamilial care and in schools.

The Project Manager is Robert Soisson.

The State of Business in South Eastern Europe, 4th quarter, 2002

A Progress Report by Anton Tobé,
Vice President of FICE-International - click here

Anton Tobe, Vice-President, FICE-International, writes :

Synopsis of Projects
in South-Eastern Europe
(August 31, 2003 : sequel to report dated January, 2003) - click here