FICE-International has published a wide range of books and other material in the fifty years since its foundation. Much of it is now out of print, but is listed for reference purposes.

Many of the organisations which are the National Members of FICE also publish books and magazines. Some of them are listed below.

If Members are aware of any omissions from the lists, it will be appreciated if information could be provided about publications which should be included.

FICE-International Publications

Amir, Eli and Lane, David (eds.) : Training of Residential Child and Youth Care Staff
Neurim : Youth Aliyah 1993 English

FICE (ed.) : Aktuelle Probleme Jugendlicher in der Heimerziehung in Europa : Texte zum Kongress in Luxemburg 1985
Zòrich : FICE 1986 Mixture of English, French and German

FICE (ed.) : Kongress 1990 Praha
Zòrich : FICE 1991 ISBN 3-905607-08-5 Mixture of English, French and German

FICE (ed.) : Privat geboren fòr Öffentliches Leben : ein Vergleich familirer und ausserfamilirer Lebensrume : Kongress 1988 St Gallen
Zòrich : FICE 1989 ISBN 3-905607-07-7 Mixture of English, French and German

Gottesmann, Meir (ed.) : Recent Changes and New Trends in Extrafamilial Child Care : An International Perspective
London : Whiting & Birch 1994 ISBN 1-871177-74-X English

Gottesmann, Meir (ed.) : Residential Child Care : An International Reader
London : Whiting & Birch 1991 ISBN 1-871177-17-0 English

Knöpfel Nobs, Irene : Von den Kindergemeinschaften zur ausserfamiliren Erziehung : Die Geschichte der Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives (FICE).
Zòrich : FICE Verlag 1992 ISBN 3-905607-10-7 German

Knorth, E.J. et al. (eds.) : Professionalization and Participation in Child and Youth Care
Aldershot, England : Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 2002 ISBN 0-7546-0892-1 English

Soisson, Robert (ed.) : Politik, Forschung und Ausbildung in der Heimerziehung
Zòrich : FICE 1993 ISBN 3-905607-11-5 Mixture of English, French and German

Van den Bergh, Peter et al. (eds.) : Changing Care : Enhancing professional quality and client involvement in child and youth care services
Amsterdam : SWP Publishers 2002 ISBN 90-6665-449-X English

FICE-International has also published an International Bulletin at intervals in the three official FICE languages, English, French and German.

1 Ed. Meir Gottesmann Autumn 1989
5 Ed. Meir Gottesmann Autumn 1991 ISSN 1015-78-75

National Members' Publications


FICE-Danmark has produced an occasional publication entitled Information in Danish.


The Association Nationale des Communautés Educatives (ANCE), which is the French National Member of FICE, has published extensively (seventy-six titles by 1991). At present it publishes two magazines - the monthly Mouv'ANCE (ISSN 1167-993 X) and Communautés Educatives, which is published quarterly.


FICE-Romania publishes a professional journal, whose contents are mainly in Romanian.
Managementul calitatii in protectia sociala a copilului (The Management of Quality in the Social Protection of the Child) Eds. Prof.Univ. Dr.Ioan Neacsu, Prof. Dr. Rodica Mares, Bucuresti 2002


FICE-Slovenia publishes a quarterly professional journal, entitled Socialna pedagogika, in Slovenian. ISSN 1408-2942

United Kingdom

The Residential Child Care Association (later the Social Care Association) was FICE-UK until the 1980s. It used to publish a monthly professional magazine called Child in Care, and Annual Reviews on themes, such as Change and the Child in Care (1965), The Anti-social Child in Care (1966), Play in Child Care (1967), Residential Staff in Child Care (1968), Observing Children in Residence (1969), Education (1971), Groups (1971), Conflict (1972), Residential Care (1973), Rights in Residence (1979) and Why Care? (1980)

Caring for Children (CfC) is now FICE-England and Wales, and it is a co-sponsor of the web magazine, Children, to be found on , which carries a lot of FICE news and articles.

Full details of publications produced by Members of FICE - both past and present - will be welcomed.