The Federal Council

The Roles and Functions of the Federal Council

The Federal Council is the main forum for FICE-International's business. For its functions and where it fits into the structure of FICE, see the section on the Structure of FICE.

Statutes and Rules of Procedure

The Federal Council works in accordance with FICE's Statutes and Rules of Procedure, which can be found in a separate section of the website. [Click here]

The Honorary Officers of the Federal Council

Theo Binnendijk :   Netherlands
Chair of the General Assembly, Federal Council and Executive Committee meetings. Responsible for overall leadership and management of FICE-International, and external representation in particular.

Secretary General
Responsible for the internal running of FICE and the work of its secretariat.

Rolf Widner: Switzerland
Responsible for FICE's financial policies and the maintenance of the accounts.

Vice President
Martti Kemppainen :   Finland
Responsible for extending FICE membership in the Baltic and former USSR.

Vice President
David Lane :   England & Wales
Responsible for a variety of projects.

Vice President
Anton Tobe: Netherlands
Responsible for South Eastern Europe.

The Federal Council is at present serviced by staff from the President's agency, headed up by Famke Schiff of the Netherlands.

Members of the Federal Council : Contact Details

Each Full National Member may send two delegates to each Federal Council meeting. Obviously representatives change but some members have attended consistently over many years. Typically, meetings are attended by about forty or fifty delegates from about thirty countries.

Click here for the current contact details for the Honorary Officers and National Members.

Photograph Gallery

Click here to see pictures of the current Honorary Officers and some of the representatives of the National Members. Additional contributions to the Gallery are welcomed.