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Anton Tobe, Vice-President, FICE-International, writes :

Synopsis of Projects
in South-Eastern Europe
(August 31, 2003 : sequel to report dated January, 2003) - click here

September 2003

Email to all FICE-Inter Website readers

Dear Colleague,

I am emailing to inform you of progress in the FICE-Inter Website.

* First, the site is now largely translated into English, French and German. Some documents will remain in only one language.

* Secondly, the site is up to date with recent material. It includes all the papers for recent General Assemblies, Federal Councils and Executive Committee meetings, as well as other reports, copies of papers, photographs and the full programme of the Berlin Congress.

* Thirdly, we have put FICE’s history on the site, including the short book prepared by Irene Knopfl Nobs some years ago, brought up to date by accounts written by Franz Zusli and Thomas Maechler.

* Fourthly, we have added the FICE Glossary. The Glossary is now rather dated, and there are plans to update it, but it is hoped that it will still be of help until a replacement is ready.

There is work outstanding. The FICE archives are now in Amsterdam, and they will be examined, to identify what should be added to the website.

More importantly, the website is not being used by members as a place to consult and share ideas. If you email your questions or other contributions to us at, they will be added to the Section called Talk to us.

We will be happy to help, if you have information which you would like to add, such as programmes of future activities, web links or news items. They can be in any language, but if it is one which we do not know, the material will need to be authorised by FICE members.

We hope the FICE-Inter Website will be useful, and would like to thank people who have contacted us with comments and criticisms.

Yours sincerely,

David C. Lane

September 2002

All the main background sections of the FICE-Inter website (English) have gone live this month, and where documents prepared for recent meetings of the Federal Council and Executive Committee are available in electronic format, they have also been included.

In Talk to Us, questions have been asked about :

- the Use of Secure Accommodation for Children and Youth
- Corporal Punishment of Children.

Can you help?